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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Trash Experiment Continues

I realize that in my last post I stated that trash is just not that exciting. So I understand that perhaps it is contradictory for me to be so wound up about what I am about to say. But I made that statement BEFORE I put another bag of garbage in the basement. I finally removed all the humongous bags of paper and recycled them. It turned out one of the white bags I thought was trash was really just paper! Which means I only have FOUR bags of trash, not five! WHEE!! I put it down there on September 16, a mere two months and two days after Jason and I began this silliness. And I have taken four big trash barrels of recycling to the transfer station and begun to fill the barrels again. I think this means that over 75% of the waste that comes through this household is recyclable. Wouldn't it be cool if everyone started recycling 75% of their trash?
Jason thinks we should go through all the trash, like actually spread it out piece by piece on the the most actual garbage and see if there is a way for us to reduce that waste. Gross. We will probably end up doing that. I wish we hadn't waited for cold weather to come to this. Se la vie.