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Sunday, January 23, 2011

the great trash experiment is long over

It actually officially ended on December 11 of 2010, nearly five months after its inception. The Thanksgiving carcass just couldn't live ( or be dead) in the boiler room. So after over 21 weeks if saving all the garbage we hauled away nine and a half bags of trash. Yes, you read that right. Nine and a half normal plain white 30 gallon bags of trash is all we had to dispose of after carefully checking every piece of garbage that passed through our hands. Sometimes we had to get creative to recycle some recycleables that weren't handled in our area, but that was just the tetra packs. My yoga studio was kind enough to handle those for me. Hurray for recycling!!!
This does leave mevwith a sense of wonder about all the stuff that doesn't need to be in our landfills. How much of what's in there could be put to better use? Maybe one day we will create jobs by having folks get paid to sort through those magnanimous piles of waste. Until then....
Take care my loves and remember that you can make a difference!