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Sunday, July 25, 2010

folk festival trash

Here is a photograph of trash. Our trash. 'Our' being defined as my husband Jason, my step-sons Cote and Marcus (15 and 12), and myself. That is the trash we generated in the THREE AND A HALF HOURS we spent at the Lowell Folk Festival in Massachusettes. I would like you to notice that one of the lidded plastic cups has another waxed paper cup (non-recyclable) inside of it and that cup is also thoroughly stuffed with refuse.

The chicken bones are non-compostable, the bags that once held gourmet pecans and pita chips are not recyclable nor is the styrofoam plate. Most of it was recycled or composted. The food smelt really bad though because we forgot about it in Jason's backpack all of yesterday. Gross.

That is a lot of stinky trash for less than four hours! We all had lunch together and kept the little plastic ramikins that various sauces arrived in for recycle, we crumpled up the waxed paper that the food was served on (paper lining for little plastic baskets that the cafe reuses) and stuffed everything together. We held onto each individual piece of waste generated just to see what it would look like. And now we share with you! Ta-daaa!! Yuck.

On a side note- those rain barrels Jason made a couplafew days ago? Well, it has rained a couple of times and we have over 55 gallons of rainwater for the gardens! And Jason just told me this morning that he kind of thought making them was a joke because he didn't believe we would get all that much water from them. Victory is ours! Now we are not paying for water or septic just to water the gardens. Turns out the water company tells the town how much water was metered into the house and it is assumed that all of that is going back into the septic system and not the ground. I am sure it is not a huge difference in cost to save on that septic, but hey, we will keep the change for ourselves!

Jason watched the video from my last post and has doctored up one of the barrels in accordance with the advice found there. It really isn't that hard... let us know if you need help figuring out making barrels! I love to help!!!

Hmmm... I feel like there was one more thing... about trash or something... can't remember... BUT! I picked my first zucchinis from the garden yesterday... HURRAY!!! Come visit me and I will cook for you... love!

Oh! I remembered. I finally changed the cat boxes... they also stink. Today seems to be a stinky day... Off to the transfer station!!! :D

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