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Friday, July 30, 2010

ceiling tiles and spiders

Ceiling tiles. Yes. Throwing them away just isn't what it used to be.

I decided I need to clean the basement. We have a formerly-finished room down there. (Not the boiler room where the trash is.) One day, I would like it to be a plain old finished room.

It seemed like a simple enough mission. Clean the room and then it will look more approachable when it is time to think about re-finishing it. Bring down the vacuum, some cleaner(salt, lemon juice, and water in a bottle) and rags and it should be done in a jiffy. Little did I know about the harrowing journey awaiting me. Ok, harrowing may be a strong word, but still...

I had to face down great evil spiders of death and doom! One of those suckers charged me- it actually charged at me!!! I am huge compared to it! And I have a vacuum. Thank God. Spiders scare the crap out of me. It took a lot of fear induced adrenaline for me to get the courage(and about a week, but shh!), but I finally got em out.

So, there were two ceiling tiles fallen onto the seventies-school-room tile floor when I first got downstairs. And then a third fell on me. For just a moment I was definitely positive that a gianormous arachnid was attacking me to protect its homestead. I didn't actually scream but I know that's just because I was too shocked to emit any noise.

Anyhow, this ceiling tile fell on me and I realized three ceiling tiles is a lot of trash. Normally, I would just throw them out and forget about it, but Nooooooo... I'm doing this great trash experiement. So I now need to check the interwebs and find the best way to dispose of them.

Once I get there all I find is results about disposing of ceiling tiles with asbestos! Well, these are fairly new and I don't think they contain any, but I looked at lots of pictures (thank you google.images!) just to be sure. It looks like an asbestos free zone, so now I have the option of finding a contractor who recycles/redistributes stuff like that, throw it away or see if we should save it for some unknown as of yet future project. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

We are still filling our second bag of trash as of today. But I just want to say that throwing things away is NOT what it used to be. Just sayin...


  1. Oh to have been there when the spider charged you. It would have given me a year's worth of giggles. Probably as good as the time you dumped kitty litter on that snake.

  2. lucky for you, the snake was a way better show. :)