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Sunday, January 8, 2012

steampunk and circus rule my world

I have been practicing circus arts only since about 2006. I LOVE IT! And not just for the fashion, which is not necessarily steampunk, but you better believe mine will be. After I left Richmond, my practice habits have declined as I am not immersed in a community that provides the structure and support for practice anywhere, anytime. I have not had very much success integrating into, or even finding, the circus arts community up here. A fish out of water so to speak. A fish who spends a lot more time looking at awesome clothes and shoes online. Online browsing somehow does not sufficiently substitute.

The time has come my friends, for me to build my own art scene.

I have been building up to this for quite some time- slowed by obstacles in my head that appear to be reflected in reality. No mind- A PLAN IS UNDERWAY!!! Who cares that I don't have any of the awesome connections and roots that would make creating a plan like this so easy in the past. Who cares that I have no idea where to find a venue? Who cares if I end up blowing a lot of time and money on food and alcohol when no one shows up? I am a girl who is up for a challenge. No reason to be beaten by the unknown just because it is a giant, and potentially expensive, pain in the ass.

I think I am just going to go explore art galleries and yoga studios in Manchester until I can persuade someone that letting me host artists and musicians other than their own to invite the public to stay up late drinking and dancing is a good idea. WHY NOT?!

I will get a fire permit and an awesome, but firesafe costume, and spin outside the main entrance. I am certain I know at least two DJs who would be willing to play. We will feature the sale-able work of unknown local artists. Yeah, there will be a fee ($35??) to get in the door, but who would mind knowing that food and drink are on the house once you come in.

How will I feed all these people you ask? GRILLED CHEESE! Available as regular, vegan, gluten free, herbed or with tomato- maybe even avocado. Lots of butter/buttery substitute. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Nom.

Please read this post and then continually harass me for more information about how this project is going. I keep wanting to put the fire out because it is burning my ass!


  1. this sounds awesome :) when i'm done with school, i'd love to help!

  2. Thanks! You input and assistance will be most welcome!